PWB039: Designing A New and Better Legal Industry - A Conversation with Attorney Kimberly Bennett

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This episode:

During her last semester of college, Kimberly Bennett worked part-time at the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice where she met two women of color who both had a J.D. / Ph.D. As psychology major interested in the assisting African-American girls in the juvenile justice system, it seemed like a great fit for her as well. After completing the law degree portion of her program and passing the bar, she decided to leave her combined J.D. / Ph.D. program the year before completing her Ph.D., because she recognized that it was no longer in alignment with what she wanted to do.

After initially working in the corporate environment, Attorney Bennett opened her law practice and ultimately designed a virtual practice that would permit her the ability to travel. She also moved to a subscription-based practice focused on value. Attorney Bennett’s experience building and running K Bennett Law LLC with the latest technologies has given her the knowledge to speak about moving the legal industry forward and applying business principles to create innovative and modern law practices.

Attorney Bennett is the co-organizer of two legal tech communities -- Atlanta Legal Tech and Atlanta Legal Hackers. She also leads The Modern Legal Collective, which empowers lawyers to break free of the traditional law firm model and design modern, profitable law firms they love without billing by the hour.


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Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • The Modern Legal Collective

  • “Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine” by Mike Michalowicz

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