PWB038: On a Mission to End the Mass Incarceration Crisis - A Conversation with Attorney Natasha Scruggs

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This episode:

Criminal defense attorney, Natasha Scruggs founded The Scruggs Law Firm in 2018 with a mission is to end mass incarceration crisis in Missouri and the United States. The tagline on her firm’s website states, “Let us be your voice. We want to fight for you.” In addition, Attorney Scruggs is the founder of the Midwest Freedom Center through which she runs the Future Lawyers Camp and supports other community-related projects and through which she hopes to create a bail fund to assist with the bail of public defender-eligible defendants.

On this episode, Attorney Scruggs discusses her goals as a prison abolitionist and how she has developed her law practice, including her decision to move to a physical location despite maintaining a primarily virtual practice.

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