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Increasing Representation One Story at a Time

> Currently, black attorneys make up only 5% of attorneys in the U.S.

> If you search for information about the experiences of black attorneys in the U.S. legal profession, you will likely be met with discouraging statistics and narratives. If you search for the experiences of black women attorneys, those experiences generally appear bleaker as gender is intersected with race. 

> Nevertheless, there are black legal professionals, who, despite the obstacles, are thriving and leading successful careers --whether in solo practice, small firm practice, corporate roles, or the public sector. Many of these attorneys are trailblazers or creating careers on their own terms. 

> Practicing while Black will share the experiences of black attorneys and serve as a platform to inspire and share strategies to accelerate career and business success. Listen to the voices of black legal professionals as they provide their stories from their perspectives.