PWB040: From Working on a Presidential Campaign to Building a Campaign Law and Compliance Practice - A Conversation with Attorney Reyna Walters-Morgan

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This episode:

Although Attorney Reyna Walters-Morgan has known since middle school that she wanted to become a lawyer, during her junior year of college, she decided that she needed a break from school before law school. After graduating from college, Attorney Walters-Morgan took a job as a legislative assistant for the North Carolina General Assembly.  Although she intended to be in the role for a year, she spent four years in the role before enrolling in Howard University School of Law.

After law school, she unexpectedly took a role in a Big Law firm, but the economic recession caused her to be laid off in 2009. Thankfully, Attorney Walters-Morgan had saved enough from her Big Law job to take a “gap year” before taking a job with the federal government.  Although she had what others would consider a dream job, she left her government job work for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. With no regrets, after the campaign’s loss, Attorney Walters-Morgan opened her campaign law and compliance firm, Walters-Morgan Law PLLC.

Attorney Walters-Morgan is also the host of the Travel Quips Podcast.

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