PWB037: The Business of Growing a Law Practice - A Conversation with Attorney Dayna Thomas

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This episode:

Attorney Dayna Thomas refused to let a less than desirable LSAT score stop her from attending the law school of her dreams. Instead, Attorney Thomas strategically positioned her application by applying after taking a year off to gain valuable experience that would strengthen her application and by touring her dream law school right after applying to stand out and meet key decision-makers. Her efforts resulting in an acceptance to her dream law school with a $75,000 scholarship only two days after touring the school.

Currently, Attorney Thomas is an entertainment and entrepreneurship attorney with a growing practice. She recently hired her first associate and looks forward to continuing to assist entrepreneurs and entertainers in reaching their goals, protecting their businesses, and building strong personal and professional brands.

Attorney Thomas also owns Virtual Business Counsel, LLC, a company that she established to provide online courses, webinars, videos, encouragement, and a wealth of resources for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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