PWB045: Dancing with Beyoncé and Pursuing other “Unrealistic” Dreams as an Attorney - A Conversation with Attorney Kourtni Mason

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 This episode:

Although she wanted to be an attorney since she was a child, after college Kourtni Mason declined enrolling in Howard University School of Law to pursue her dream of dancing professionally. Instead, she tried out and got selected to dance for the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks organization in Atlanta, Georgia. After dancing for the Atlanta Hawks for a year, she went to  Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and eventually got a job in private practice. Despite her entry into the legal profession, Attorney Mason did not give up her passion for dancing and secured an opportunity to dance for Beyoncé during the Super Bowl XLVII! Attorney Mason also became the author of the Little Miss Dancey Pants book series.

Attorney Mason is also the host of the Millennial Dreamers podcast.

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