PWB025: Major Keys to Success for Aspiring Black Lawyers - A Conversation with Attorney Johnnie Finch

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Black Attorney Excellence: Democratic Nominee for Suffolk County District Attorney, Attorney Rachael Rollins, who is on track to be the first woman-candidate of color to hold the position in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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This episode:

Attorney Johnnie Finch went from a HBCU, as an undergrad, to a PWI, as a law student, which was a major cultural shift. The challenges that he faced during law school led him to journaling his experience. Years later, his journal helped him to author the book Black Lawyer Confidential: Keys to Success, a book that gives aspiring black lawyers an insight that Attorney Finch did not have entering the profession.

Attorney Finch practices in the area of criminal defense in North Carolina at the Law Office of Johnnie L. Finch, Jr., PLLC.

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