PWB033: The Value in Working as a Paralegal before Practicing - A Conversation with Attorney Tiffani Hawes

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This episode:

Becoming a lawyer was a childhood dream for Attorney Tiffani Hawes. However, upon becoming pregnant with her first child, she had to put her dream on hold and, instead, obtained a paralegal certificate to work as a paralegal. She found a job at a law firm focused on real estate closings. She and her husband later relocated to Atlanta where she enrolled in law school, which she attended in the evenings while working at a different firm as a real estate paralegal.

While serving as a paralegal, Attorney Hawes prepared for opening her own practice.  The day after passing the bar, Attorney Hawes opened The Hawes Law Firm, LLC, which focuses primarily on residential real estate closings.

Listen to this episode as Attorney Hawes discusses how serving as a paralegal prepared her for her own practice and how she brands her law firm.

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