PWB032: Diverse Representation at all Levels - A Conversation with Attorney Jaia Thomas

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This episode:

After noticing the lack of diversity behind the talent in Marvel’s “Black Panther” movie, which was heavily supported by the black community, Attorney Jaia Thomas was moved to create and release Diverse Representation, the first ever comprehensive database of African-American attorneys, agents, managers and publicists who work in the sports and entertainment industry. Attorney Thomas was no stranger to the lack of diversity in the sports and entertainment industry, however. As a sports, entertainment, and intellectual property attorney, Attorney Thomas oftentimes finds herself to be the only black representative for her clients. Diverse Representation is her way of providing a solution to the problem.

In addition to maintaining Diverse Representation, Attorney Thomas runs her own law practice. Prior to opening her own law firm, she worked in “Big Law” and for the Obama campaign.

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