PWB014: Advancing a Career in a Law Firm as a Mother and Wife - A Conversation with Attorney Kelly Frye Barnett

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The word of the week is mother.

On this episode, Attorney Kelly Frye Barnett speaks about her journey to becoming a lawyer at one of the largest law firms in her state with offices around the country. Her story begins with her pregnancy at fifteen and giving birth at sixteen, but it certainly does not end there. Initially, she believed that she could not pursue a career in a large law firm due to her responsibilities as a mom. Listen to this episode to hear about how she found a firm that she felt would fit her lifestyle and how she reached out to the managing partner to obtain an opportunity to show that she could do the job.

Attorney Frye Barnett also shares her one piece of advice that she would give to black women attorneys and her love for Beyoncé.

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  • The Bible

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