PWB008: Collaboration over Competition - How Two Unapologetically Black Women Attorneys Partnered to Create the Elite Firm - A Conversation with Demetria Graves and Merissa Grayson

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The word of the week is unapologetic.

Attorneys Demetria Graves and Merissa Grayson both were led to the law after perceiving injustice in the criminal justice system. As life would have it, the attorneys later met and decided, rather than consider one another to be competition, they would come together to create the Elite Firm. The mission of the firm is to provide Black celebrities and influencers with full-service legal and crisis management services.

 Each woman also maintains her own practice.

Listen to the podcast episode as we discuss Attorneys Graves’ and Grayson’s perspectives on the importance of representation and what they would be doing if they were not lawyers.

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