PWB002: Firm in Faith - Integrating a Solo Law Firm Practice, Motherhood, and Faith - A Conversation with Attorney Ticora Davis

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Attorney Ticora Davis knew that she wanted to become a lawyer since fourth grade when she learned about Attorney Johnnie Cochran, Jr. Despite knowing early on what she wanted her career to be, Attorney Davis did not have a direct career path to the law. She failed the bar exam the first time but did not allow that to stop her from moving forward and successfully took and passed the bar exam the second time. When Attorney Davis’ legal career path took a turn, she became creative and decided to open her own law firm, which is appropriately titled The Creator’s Law Firm.

Attorney Davis has now ran her own law practice for over a year. She focuses her practice on serving the intellectual property needs of online entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Listen to the podcast episode as get in further detail about Attorney Davis’ path to the law, favorite rapper, and what she would be doing if she was not a lawyer.

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