PWB004: Student-Athlete Turned Attorney - How One Lawyer Turned Her Love for Golf into a Law Practice - A Conversation with Attorney Sydnee Mack

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The word of the week is connection.

Atlanta-based attorney, Sydnee Mack, sheds light in this episode on how she translated her love for golf and sports into her own legal practice, Sydnee Mack Attorney At Law, LLC, after not obtaining a job in the legal field. Attorney Mack talks about the importance of pursuing a career that you want and knowing your value in the workplace.

In addition to serving sports and entertainment clients with contract negotiation, Attorney Mack provides business and estate planning legal services.

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about how Attorney Mack’s persistence led to mentorship from an attorney for a major sports league, how she plans to balance a career as a sports agent with her legal practice, and which Real Housewives of Atlanta star she would like to meet.

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  • Harry Potter 1-7

  • A Wrinkle In Time

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