PWB030: Faith and the Practice of Law - A Conversation with Attorney Andrea Harvey

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This episode:

After initially not passing the bar, Andrea M. Harvey found a fulfilling corporate job. However, things changed once she was passed for a promotion and asked to train the person who got the job. Through her persistence, now-Attorney Harvey passed the bar on her fourth attempt, and her faith led her to stop looking for another job and to establish her own law practice, the Harvey Law Office. Attorney Harvey, the self-proclaimed “Windy City Peach”, has created a thriving family law practice in Chicago and a podcast and video series called, Harvey Law Speaks. Most recently, Attorney Harvey authored a book, “Faith and Law: A Practical Guide of Faith and the Practice of Law”.  


Listen in as Attorney Harvey discusses the feeling of isolation during law school, her journey through her attempts at the bar, and how she created her firm one step at a time.

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